What should I expect from Jurassic Ruins?

I just recently transplanted into Jurassic Ruins. I have no idea what I am up against. Is it one of the tougher arenas? How are the dinos in regards to boosts in Jurassic Ruins? Any feedback is appreciated.

“may the boosted thors and rats await you”


Well I have ran into a mess of Dracos that sent me back to the Marshes

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Sadly there is a reason it’s not worth leaving Sorna Marshes same days.


What to expect from Ruins: Rat
What to expect from Lockwood: Rat and Thor
What to expect from Aviary: Rat, Thor and your speedsters getting ratted
What to expect from arena in general: Cesspool rat infested sewer :slight_smile:


I’ve just narrowly avoided being tossed back into the ruins after being in Lockwood for a month now…I hate over powered rats and Thors



I’ve gone from Aviary to Ruins because I haven’t spent $$$ on boosts.

Expect lots of creatures you aren’t even close to unlocking yet.

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I havent been buying them lately either, and your probably right on that one Dragon Hunter…I cant keep up on those boosts, they sell them numerous times between pay checks so I cant buy them

Jurassic times in Jurassic Ruins.

I’ve been bouncing around between Arenas as well. :sweat:

To be pushed back to Sorna Marsh by boosted utahsinos


I got pushed back to the Marshes by an overpowered Thor and Rat combo

Ouch, thats not good…

Yeah it really sucks when it happens