What should I replace for Gemeni

Team consists of 21 thor, 21 indo, 21 orion, 22 maxima, 25 indom, 18 thyla, and 19 draco.
I can upgrade thyla to 20, thor and indo to 22, draco to 20 but maxima and orion are unfusable. I can make them that way tho, but I’m working on magna right now which I’m close to getting.

I have 1400 hp boosts, and I might spend 1000 on thyla but should I spend them all on gemeni

Indoraptor is kind of trash at the moment so I would replace it.

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I;m in mid aviary where I typically use it for the dodge and just to finish something off. Its at a pretty high standard right now cuz no one uses maxima but it should have shattering back. I’m probably going to replace indo tho