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What should I swap?


So I just made a few legendary dinosaurs and I’m not sure what I should put on my team and what I should swap with. Any suggestions?


I’d suggest you to replace gorgo with dilo.


At this level raptor is better than tryo, you can swap her out than come back again in the end


I‘d replace Indom or Stegodeus.


I’ll try replacing gorgosuchus for now since I’m working on megalosuchus. And yeah I see where raptor makes more sense than tryo, I’ll see how that goes for now. The only problem with that is I’m in Sorna marshes and everyone with raptor far exceeds the level of mine


Tough calls. I think Tryostronix has a hard time finding the right spots to use. Try replacing with Alankylosaurus and using its swap-in moves.

At this level you should be trying 10-15 different creatures and learning their particular strengths and weaknesses. Don’t worry about getting it wrong and losing trophies. Just switch it back and move back up when you need to.

This will also allow you to prioritize those you want to level up so you make the right choices (I.e. you are a passenger and can only dart one, Para or Stego).


That’s true, I’m not worried about trophies right now so that’s a good idea. I can never find a time to use tryos “ready to crush” because unless I use it on the first turn (assuming whoever I’m battling doesn’t stun him) then he usually doesn’t survive. I’ve had success with him when I’ve used him though with other attacks because of his immunity. My next highest dna fuse is spinotasuchus.