What should i switch for skoona?

I’m at low aviary.

My boosts on thor are mostly for raids

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I am the birdcage, and I have mono, Thor, Indoraptor, The killer bird, Snake, Antartovena, and Skoona and I have about in the middle, mostly wins, but low to boss or level the 30s. I think you should keep him, I use him to deal as much damage I can and weaken the first one. But my is 22. Boost its heath and attack for speed for me is 10.

hopefully, this helps, I am not good at giving people help.



Andrewtops should definitely be replaced, its glass cannon strategy relies too heavily on revenge because of its low health. If Andrewtops is performing really well, Thor might need to go.

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I would say either andrewtops or Thor depending on what you feel is best

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I replaced skoona for andrew

Antarctovenator is a tyrant, keep it. Definitely andrewtrops or thoradolosaur not sure which one is the most useless.

Andrewtops, your team is filled with cunning/fierce, a resilient is absolutely necesary, and the andrewtops dosen’t have enough HP, why skoo needs to switch it

why is this flagged?

Why was this flagged :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Andrewtops without a doubt