What should i try to go for?

Should I go for ardentismaxima or Spinoconstrictor i have dna for them but i need to pick 1 so which one should i decide on?

Spinocon,hand down one if the best creatures in the game so definitely spinocon,ardent is pretty gud in low levels but it’s not as good as spinocon in late game

I say spinoconatrictor. It’s more meta relevant


Spino without a doubt …

However, my actual answer is to go for both of them. They don’t use the same components and you can easily make both with presumably a minimal coin and dna expense. Do both, duh.

Spino. Arden can be defeated no doubt with the epic Thycaleo… That’s how pathetic Arden is. Though it is common aviary or up… I think it’s not so common to have a 100% win for Thycaleo, but chompers basically have the advantage.

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