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What should i use for cruel epic strike

my team is 25 indom, 18 thyla, 19 draco, 22 maxima, 21 thor, 21 indo, 21 orion, and 20 tryo.
Thyla has 127 spped, indom has 127, speed, no hp boosts, 1928 attack (100 more damage than level 30 indom). Should i use maxima, indom, thyla, and draco or something else, maybe invovling orion. i think i can win if other indom doesnt go for cloak which it seems not in videos as well as not work in general.

If I am not mistaken, only creatures with DoT are allowed. Have they changed it?

that’s the trial.

The strike tower is a 4v4 fight against Arctops, Allo g2, gruposuchus and Indom. 3 takedowns for a win. if they ever fix it.

Oh, are there 2 epic strikes? :flushed:


The trial is by fair easier. A spinoconstrictor can demolish it easy although I’ve been struggling with the Cruel Strike.

How much time we have to complete the cruel one then? I haven’t seen it yet on the map, I thought everyone was talking about the Trial one :sweat_smile:
I dont have Spinoconstrictor yet, but I managed to complete it with Suchotator 20…

thats the bleeder one, theres another one where u need to beat a 30 indom, 30 allo g2, 30 arctops, and 30 gryposuchus

I don’t think we’re gonna see that tower it was broken and I’m not sure it’s coming back.

so theyre gonna replace it cuz thats like my main gold source due to the treasure chase being a bust