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What should I work for?

I am currently working towards two uniques, but I don’t want to waste coins on both. So I was wondering what you guys think I should go for. I am going for either Parasauthops and Spinoconstrictor.

For Parasauthops:

And as for Spinoconstrictor:

What should I go for? Parasauthops or Spinoconstrictor?

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Go for both, they’re running the top 10 teams at the moment. It just takes time :slight_smile:


Both of them are amazing. I think you should go for both of them and put both in your team

Go for both they’re both great
What is your current team and what arena are you in

I’m in low aviary, 4533 trophies.

Level 22: Erlidominus, Indoraptor, Thoradlosaur, Scorpius Rex Gen 3

Level 21: Trykosaurus, Phorurex, Antarctovenator, and Mammolania.

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Indoraptor erlidom and Thor are your weakest links
Switch out Indoraptor and erlidom one you have pThops and snek

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