What sould i do?

Sould i fuse my indoraptors and buy another one or keep the two and save for indo gen 2?

2 lvl 10 indos are more worth it than one lvl 20


But sould i get another indo or save for a indo gen 2?

It depends on how quickly you save up raptor sDNA. If you save it quite quickly, you can buy another and then have enough when you’re ready for info g2

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Save it. Indoraptor gen 2 has way more health in the long run


Get some indos before You get indo G2.


Indo LvL 10 is better than Indo G2 LvL 10

Indo LvL 20 is worst than Indo G2 LvL 20

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Yeah but i do first get indo gen 2 and then max it so i thimk indo gen 2 is gonna have to wait a bit but i will make sure i always have enough raptor s dna for when i can get it

I don’t think it’s a good idea to Max indoraptor unless You have a really good lineup, including many top hybrids of every class maxed and many More lower level indoraptors.