What special event do you want next week?

  • immune
  • fast
  • nullify
  • pterosaurs
  • high hp
  • fierce
  • hybrid legacy
  • stun
  • counter-attack
  • armor
  • debuff
  • lockdown
  • cunning
  • wound
  • cleanse

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like before… whatever has dracorex :grin: but will vote for fierce

need that dsunga dna.

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Kentro week!

Counter - Touji/kentro
Lockdown - Grypo

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I need Dsungaripterus and Quetzalcoatlus

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It’s all about the flyers, Gryposuchus, and Irritator for me. :heart:

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Pterosaurs for definite

Months ago do you think we would ever ask for them :joy:


I cannot stress how close I am to Quetzo right now and how badly I want to add a new unique to my team.

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Gimme that Quetzal and Darwi!! :blush:

Look where wound & cleanse came in this poll. :joy:


It’s like I’ve always said, we are all completely pointless minions on this forum.

We say something, Ludia do the opposite.



I wonder what would happen to this place if everyone stopped posting and visiting. Even then I doubt Ludia would notice anything has changed.


They were too busy changing “crocodilian scent” name to “crocodylidae scent”. :joy:

As of placing my vote Pterasaur is at 1st place with 26%.

I remember when people hated Pterasaur week and cried that it meant a week off.

Now that you actually want Pterasaurs Ludia is granting your wish about hardly ever getting them. I’m not sarcastic when I say this is a good thing. Always be careful what you wish for, especially online.

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You can add “Instant Ability” to the list with all the creatures that have instant charge, instant shield and other instant abilities.