What Spinonyx Gives To Erlikospyx?

It seems we don’t have a heritage here…


Precise for precise pounce (which it shares with Erlikosaurus anyway)? High hp? Maybe the DoT immunity? I’ll admit, it’s not a ton.


Not much, but anything from Spinonyx would be a nerf to Spyx so I’m fine with it.


it’s about a direct heritage.
it made more sense when spyx has bleed move.

now i almost can only see erliko g2 when i look into spyx lol.

spinonyx and erlikospyx seem so different now, that they barely seem like sharing dna.

no escape, rending, definite ramp, bleed, speed reduction resistance… spin has many great options.


It doesn’t really seem like it gives anything, does it? Given that an increasing number of Uniques have special moves to set them apart from Legendaries, I feel like they could transform Erlikospyx’s Instant Distraction into a Wounding Distracting Strike (50% Distract for 2 Attacks, 1 Turn; DoT 33.4% of target’s max HP for 1 turn; Attack 1x; cooldown 2). I’m not sure if that would be a buff or a nerf to it, but it’d certainly give some of the Spinonyx character back to Erlikospyx.

I mean they could at least give a little decel resistance to spyx

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I fully agree with this. Maybe swap out immunity to crit decrease for it.