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What stat boosted encounters have you had?

This would be a fun place to share experiences of boosted dinos you’ve come across in the arena!

Some jerk with a crazy boosted Erlidom :wink:

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140 speed magna. but only level 22 so wan’t so bad

I’m building up this bad boy :wink:


Just faced someone with a 140 speed I think it was level 29 Tany, 129 speed Tryo, 140 speed Indo and 1400 damage Dracocera

140 speed magna, but level 30 was so bad

Faced a team with all lower level dinos that beat me, all were faster than mine

Not really a fun encounter cause my squad is all lv 24/25 dinos. But I came across a power and hp boosted dracocera. And not to forget the 124 speed also. Just wait until the end of the week when it is possible to encounter one with 130+ speed :sweat:

Went against a level 25 Indoraptor, same as mine but his speed and other boosts took mine down.

I faced level-30 142 speed Magna too, was hard to beat

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Yeah what a tool :sweat_smile:


Im glad you agree :rofl::rofl:


@Alex_Dhir’s just maxing everything in sight :sweat_smile: :sunglasses:

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If it has a pulse. Il boost it! :man_factory_worker:


Yep I faced an insanely boosted level 30 Magna, and then a boosted 30 Dioraja, and then a boosted 30 DC.

Lost 3-0 of course, then saw the name, it was Legomin :smiley: no shame in losing to him, haha. That Magna was just nasty and so crazy unbeatable.


Some people had the “pleasure” to meet the new, boosted hybrid Queen, Indominus herself :crown:

She cuts through teams like hot knife with the extra speed and damage.


Im faceing a lot of meaningless speed boosted thors…

That could have been me too :joy:

I ran into someone earlier in Lockwood with a level 28 Nodopatosaurus that had a l l the boosts put into it. I was too stunned to even screenshot it, but it did some hefty damage to my team!

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So far the oddest has been an attack boosted Tany and a speed boosted Stegod :woman_shrugging:

All mine went to Magna for the most part to get my baby 22 to team level

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