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What statues are you hoping get added to the game?

It’s been about a year since we had a batch of multiple dragon statues added to the game, and over six months since we’ve had any. Currently, only about half of all dragon species have a statue (39/76). So, what statues are y’all hoping get added in the coming updates?

Personally, I’d love an Alpha Shadow, Deathgripper, Hobgobbler, or Slitherwing statue. I like all of those species and would love to put a statue next to some of the dragons on Berk. But I think there are a lot of other species deserving of a statue as well, so I’d be happy with any new statues getting added.

Besides dragon species statues, I’ve seen a lot of good ideas for other statue types. A couple months ago I remember a post on here about a purely decorative Shellfire statue as a reward for upgrading it to level 5. And of course Submaripper is missing a statue, although I guess it’s ability doesn’t really support getting one.

I’ve also seen it mentioned after the level 175 update about raising the Dragon Trainer statue level cap higher. Several dragons take over 4 months to train now, so that would be appreciated. I also saw it mentioned about having a statue that boosts iron production from all dragons 10-25%. With the huge emphasis on iron above level 150, that would be pretty nice to have.

What are everyone else’s thoughts on what statues should be added?


I think for a different twist on things, we could have statues of Stoick and the Dragon Riders, and even shocked the Dragon Fliers.

These would boost a specific dragon (or a few) and could be stacked with the other effects too.

Let’s say a Tuffnut statue boosts Chicken, Barf & Belch and Tuffnut’s Death Ride whereas a statue of Viggo would boost Viggo’s Flightmare, Big Buff and Cagecruncher. Significant dragons to the Riders/Fliers.

Also, tie some tasks to them? Get the other characters more involved in storylines and get your players spending that Amber.


I really like this idea. Throughout the movies and show, all these characters have dragons that they have a special connection too, so a boost to a set of specific dragons for each character would make sense. I would love to have more character quests that deal with that character’s special dragons, and collecting and leveling them. Each quest could unlock the ability to upgrade the statue another level. You could even mix it up and have some statues boost gather rates, some boost gather times, others do iron / brawl stats / etc. Or even a mixture of multiple boosts unlocked at various levels.