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What Suchotator Would Actually Be Like

What is Suchotator actually had attributes of its components? Its moveset would probably look like Strike, Ferocious Strike, Gashing Wound (Or just keep it as Lethal Wound) and Defense Shattering Impact. I also don’t understand how it doesn’t have any swap in abilities even though both components do, so I would put either Swap in Wound or Swap in Definite Strike.

I think:
Defense Shattering Strike
Gashing Wound
Lethal Wound
Ferocious Strike

Swap in Definite Strike

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Now he’s crap

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Suchotator but it actually makes sense

Health: 3600
Damage: 1000
Speed: 120
Armour: 0%
Critical: 20%

Definite Strike
Lethal Wound
Ferocious Strike

Swap in Wounding Strike

Suchotator would literally be completely useless if it’s moveset and stats made sense


I don’t know why Suchotator has these abilities, but I would hate it if he had the skills of his ancestors … it would be total rubbish.

Remembering that Suchot had Immunity in the past … so it makes more sense today!

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Lol he regains immunity :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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It’s a rare hybrid lol. Not supposed to be in the same tier as uniques which it is now

But sucho its a very special case

I love Suchotator, he was my first hybrid.


If it was completely based from both of its components, it would be like this:

3500 HP
950 ATK
114 Speed
20% Crit Chance


SIA-Def. & Wounding Strike

This new moveset/stats would completely alter the Tater’s purpose. This is one time I hope Ludia doesnt listen to the playerbase, because if we see this thing come to fruition, its quite horrible. It would probably drop to somewhere Alpha or lower.

You should see mine. :joy:

I like the suchotator right now, but if I was forced to make it more like her conponents, I’ll go like this:

3900 HP
1200 DMG
20 crit
0 armor
118 Speed

Defense shattering strike
Ferocious Strike
Gashing wound
Defense shattering Rampage

Swap in Wound

I think you exaggerated a little … just a little

It’s in the same tier as Thor, Utarinex, Testacornibus, Indoraptor, Stygidaryx, Diloracheirus and Tuoramoloch. So no, I didn’t exaggerate at all

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Ah yes, right … Now I understand! I confused things. (I need to get some sleep)

Regarding rarity, I think it’s okay to have a rare hybrid on the same layer as a single super Hybrid (as long as it’s balanced).

What’s wrong with sucho?