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What Tablet Do You Use?

I asked this a while back and I am asking it again after finally getting my tablet. what tablet do you currently play JWTG on? I am using, or at least trying to use, a Samsung Tablet S6 Lite. By all means, I should be able to run the game flawlessly because of the minimum requirements being below what the game wants. However, I am running into a number of crashes. At one point, I had about 8-10 in a the span of a few minutes. I tried recently and had about 3-4 in a 40 minute period of time.

I am currently thinking of sending my S6 Lite back and picking up an S6 or an S7/S7+. I just was wondering what people was currently using the game on so I can get a rough idea what to look for as it seems an Lite version of a tablet just wont work for this game currently. I have e-mailed support and now it’s just a waiting game to see if they optimize it further.


a ipad mini 2019, its perfect

Hmm, that’s odd, has less than my tablet but works for yours rather than mine. XD May have to get a better tablet after all it seems. Sadly can’t go with Apple products but hey.


Its really good, smooth and everything, and my storage is nearly full

Mine is brand new, has very little on it, maybe 2-3 screen shots, a few programs but nothing major. Still disconnects, even my phone is doing that but I suspect that may be due to the amount of people on currently for the tournament. Net has been a bit slow the last couple days but I can’t do much about it, when it connects the game it stays on typically until I shut it down so.

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S6 pretty old, get crashes, but not terrible

I use Samsung Tab S7 Plus. Really glad with the size of the screen and its overall performance, but the game always crashes whenever I launch it. I’m getting used to it even though it’s very annoying.

galaxy tab A 2019 game is crashing often, but its still pretty playable

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I play on an iPhone 11

Not big into mobile gaming, as this is the only game I play.

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iPad 7th gen, runs pretty well on it but has been recently crashing a bit, doesn’t make the game unplayable though.

I use 1st generation iPad Pro. I rarely use my iPhone 12. I don’t think the game crashes anymore, I just get occasional glitches (max coin, park speed up, skipping your pvp turn) but those are all lame bugs.

I do notice, if I use the xfi 3rd gen gateway 5Ghz WiFi, I tend to get more crashes. So I use the slower 4ghz airports to cover my whole home. It’s about 1/2-1/4 the 5gb, but I get 40-50 mb which is more than fast enough.

This happens with me as well, think it’s a server side issue, I just let it crash and relaunch it after.

So, reading a lot of you are using iPads and having little issues. So it seems they are slacking on the Samsung/Android side of things… that’s kind of shocking. Also sucks because I can’t make the switch either way.

I play it on a j6, surprisingly, it runs quite well and I have other moderately heavy games

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Isn’t that a smartphone though and not a tablet? XD

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Galaxy Tab S4. Manages to run both JWA and JWtG perfectly. JWtG is a little laggy when scrolling around the park and lineup but otherwise as smooth as it is on my S21 Ultra.

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What sucks about mine is it has a worse core than yours and it’s a newer model. :confused: I really am starting to regret getting the S6 lite and no idea what I can do about it at this point.

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So, a little update and if anyone has any info on these tablets, please tell me but I may be trading my S6 Lite in for a S7 or iPad Pro 11". Leaning towards that iPad Pro because it seems it has the best core amongst them all and it seems iPads last a long time and games are more stable on them.

Actually I had an iPad Pro and didn’t really see much difference between it and Tab S7+. Both tablets are fast, almost all games run smooth on both of them, but the reason I didn’t buy the iPad Pro this generation is because almost every app that’s paid on the iPad, the Tab S7 or S7+ have them free. For example: I am a Graphic Designer (that’s my hobby) and I use a lot of softwares. More than half of the software, apps I use are paid on the iPad Pro or iOS in general. Yes, maybe you know the iPad always runs smoother than Android, but this generation tablets don’t really have a big difference.

Nowadays, Android reached the iOS performance and I think the Android will be even better than iOS. The reason people choose iPad Pro because they are just familiar with iOS or they like the size, design. I didn’t actually see people saying they choose the iPad over Tab S7+ because the performance is better.

The choice is all yours, but I wanted to let you know that most of the apps that are free on Android, are paid on iOS, but talking about the game, there is no difference really between the performance on both. I also use iPhone 11 when I am on the go, and I experienced more lag than on the Tab S7+. Yes, it’s weird but looks like the optimization on the Android is better (at least for the game). Also, I’ve experienced more crashes on iOS than on Android.

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Thank you for this information! The main reason I am looking at the iPad Pro 11 most is because it seems that the core is way better, but if there isn’t much difference, I may stay with Samsung, at least that way I would also get the pen with it as well. All comes down to some discussions tomorrow and seeing what to do from there.

If you have anything else you notice and want to share, please do so!