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What terrain do you usually find Ornithomimus?


I wasn’t able to find it on metahub and i got tons of it in every terrain before the update and since the update zilch and nobody will, understandably donate it.


Specifically, it is supposed to nest at “beauty salons” but since I’ve yet to see any of the nests actually work in game, I can’t say for definite that you’ll find any there.

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I’m a Zone 4 player and it’s one of the rares that spawn the most along with Spinosaurus and Giraffatitan.


L4 also and I see it spawn pretty regularly at various places in the neighborhoods. Mostly daytime with no particular ‘special’ place to find it.


It’s a global spawn.


I live near a beauty supply shop/salon, and it has spawned near it before a few times. I have seen both Dilophosaurus dinosaurs spawn there as well as Monolophosaurus Gen 2.