What the!? 0 - 3 Loss DURING Tied Battle and Mid-Animation!?


Well that’s a first.

I was just in a battle with a level 12 player (with Indoraptor no doubt) when all of a sudden I lost 0 to 3. At that point in time, we were both with 1 Dino dead. We were in the middle of a fight when the match just ended with me losing 0 - 3. I was mid animation!!! I swapped to my T-Rex. I used Defense Shattering Impact and in mid animation, I got the 0-3 loss screen and lost 27 medals.

Anyone else?

Ludia, is this a known issue?



Usually if you clear the app away and reopen you’ll come back and still be in the game.


I had something similar happen during an incubator battle. I guess Ludia reads the post in the forum area because they sent me a message about the post as I put out asking if anyone else had it happen. They wanted to know if I had screen shots of it. It hasn’t happened since that one time so I didn’t worry with it.