What the build for an alloraptor lvl 30?

Hihi all.

I will make maybe a day an alloraptor lvl 30, i love this dino and his moveset, design etc. What the the best full build for him ?

I was thinking 4011, 3099 and 138. What your opinion ?



First: I don’t recommend it.

Second: Alloraptor doesn’t need health. Its attack stat is far too fragile to get much use out of boosting it, so I recommend throwing all those points into Speed and Attack. Maybe one or two in health if you have them left over.

Something like a 0/10/20 spread, which at Level 30 gives it 3646 health, 2582 attack, and 166 speed.


Try using gorgotrebax just saying

Andrewtops as well and alloraptor build is like 2/19/9 because I boosted just in case and it’s not on my team but that is a good build for it

That speed is overkill it is faster then my not on my team speed boosted magnapyritor

Alloraptor is too fragile to consider health boosting it since it will die in the same amount of turns anyways. You want Alloraptor to be as fast as possible, and sincenit cant be decelerated it’s your best option. Prioritize speed over anything, essentially 20 speed boosts, then the rest in attack.


Give it like maybe 1 or 2 health because I mean it’s a raptor not gonna be in that long

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Then that means it beats your Magnapyritor. Because Alloraptor’s attack stat is so ludicrously high for its caliber, you can go and whack Magna for an enormous hit and possibly one-shot it on a crit. Boom. Magna down.

Cool XD magma just got wrecked

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I’m good, thank you.

Alr cool but what is your team and what is the build for your creatures

I’m sitting over here in mid-Aviary. Most of my experience is just on-paper stuff, really. My creatures are all level 21-23 because c o i n.

Oof my team is Andrewtops, gorgotrebax, utarinex, thordor, ceramagnus, monolorhino, and tryostonix

Before you get onto me about thordor being bad it is my ace and it is SO good

Not really interested, sorry.

I took away 20 attack boosts on my one.

Sorry to say, Its not good in the arena.

In the tournament is king!

Mhm10 chars

Just don’t.

Allodrigues is far more worth your time than a creature that you can just swap in on to kill it