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What the... ditto is that?!


It’s not the first time when I see how a dino changes with changing of daytime.

I jumped off a bus to catch that dilophosaurus but when I was getting closer it became darker and it turned into a dimetrodon. What the ditto is that?! Why it can’t stay still the same dino it spawned??


I feel your disappointment… happened to me many times with rares and epics.

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The time zone changed. Some Dino’s are day time only spawns and get replaced with other Dino’s of equal rarity when it switches to another time zone that they arnt found in. In your case it switched to dusk.

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Yeah, but dilophosaurus spawns at dusk.


It happens sadly. I recorded once a mono that turns into a spino gen 2… I should upload it.

I got also the kentro that turn in dusk into concavenator… (both allowed spawns at dusk)

And I don’t count how many dracorex have turned into that Charlie :sob:

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I had a T-Rex Gen 2 which I was about 20 meters from when the game changed to dusk and it became a Utah. I mean, I need both, but like…rage.


Once I ran through the sand of a beach, in my sneakers, to get a dino near the ocean. When I got there, it changed… Talk about feeling stupid…


Be happy that t-rex stayed the same. There’s been a handful of times I’ve rushed towards a t-rex only to have it change to a bary


My bary cahnge to Trex. Hahaha