What the heck? - Battle Arena issues


Hi! I read in here a lot but finally created an account just to see if anyone else is having arena issues. I go in (currently in Badlands), nothing is there. My dinos don’t come up, the bar at top is missing, my actions not there either. I have to just wait (and die). Exited app and came back, now I’m clearly battling competitors many levels above me using dinos that are legendary, but here’s the kicker…they win on 2 instead of 3 kills. I’ve lost almost 100 points due to something being ‘off’ and now I feel like I’m a T-Rex ready to roar. Anyone else having arena troubles?

My blank screen of nothing…


Looks like a connection issue. Did you test this under another connection?


I’m on Wifi, and not having issues on any other apps. I’ll test using data only. Thanks.


I got it worse than anyone else, I have never won or gone against anyone with dino’s that are lower than lvl 12, it’s always lvl 12 Or higher, I have ZERO points and my overall team level is 4. Certain dino are uber OP than others who can with stand a pounce, now what’s pathetic is that makers failed to read up on each beasts pro/con info, non avian beasts have armour it might not be thick but it’s enough to protect them.