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What the heck Ludia?

Errrr, just had an epic back and forth battle with @jos3roberto from the Skull Island alliance featuring many swap in, stuns, regens etc… when all of a sudden, the game quit on us?!

Explanation please, and this better be one of the 325 bug fixes in the next patch…

And it appears I lost trophies for this battle…

The battle was still going on in the background, you just got booted out of it for some reason. Happened to me too.

Ludia found out you didnt spend enough real money in the game…so you needed to be punished


I don’t think that was the case. This isn’t like the other glitch where you are winning or losing and suddenly the match ends before someone gets to 3 takedowns and you’re declared a winner or loser.

Anyone from the Skull Island alliance able to reach out to @jos3roberto and see what his experience was?

I have heard this happens when a match lasts too long.

I don’t know what the actual figures are, but it’s not the first time I’ve heard about this happening.

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I have ‘timed out’ a few times. It happens when I throw in a fleet of tanks and meet someone who did the same. We just bash each other and neither do much damage to each other and… timed out. I have no idea what the actual time limit is.

I have had some fun ones also that I would have liked to see through. Met another player and we went head to head with Monosteg and then Stegoceratops. There was no swapping back and forth, we both just stood our ground. You might as well be whittlin’ on a stick of Hickory with a butter knife. It took forever to accumulate any damage.

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I had the same experience a few hours ago as the OP. We both had our first dinos battling and I was about to swap to another Dino when the time-out suddenly happened. I restarted the game right away only to watch a replay of how I lost the battle when I wasn’t in control. :confused: The “time-out”certainly didn’t happen because of too prolonged battle. I have never before experienced this kind of behavior.