“What the heck was I thinking?!” My name is Mud, etc


So apparently at some point I had a CLEAR case of brain-fart and wasted an ungodly amount of coins. Now I’m just going to follow through with one more level on the ridiculously low chance it becomes a level 15 hybrid…

(Edited title because a cowardly, politically-correct super sensitive snowflake moderator unlisted me in the middle of the night over a ridiculously commonly used three-letter acronym and don’t you DARE tell me this retaliatory footnote is “inappropriate” to post or else you prove how much of a tool you are to disallow people from calling you out on your underhanded tactics.)


Ooo ouch. At least she’s the strongest swamp kitten ever possibly. Id like to see more hybrids, especially of all these commons so they have a reason for us to level up and dart.