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What the heck?!

I opened jwa and WHAT??!!
For some reason I now have 5500 instead of 300 dinobucks… Im really not complaining… but why?

And All my dinos stat boosts were reset, so I had to boost them to the correct level again. I did get the right amount of boosters tho…
Does anyone know why this happened?

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Part of the rollback maintenance they had. Everyone got boosts removed and were given 115 attack and health ones and 85 speed ones. They also gave everyone hard cash as compensation for the boosts they either bought in stores or opened from battle incubators and strike events.

Hey Adam_Flodin, Jorge’s post here has more information: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts Roll Back :slight_smile:

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Ok! Been missing some stuff I guess! Thanks Ludia! For the cash! :+1::t_rex::clap::blush:

Thanks for the laugh :joy:

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How to just waste time ha