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What the hell is this?

That would be so cool if we got godzilla monsters.

We already have Mortem but I want more!

All the new 2.3 creatures and their stats:

Anguirus.jpg Anguirus 2.3 Unique 4740 1250 115 30% 20%
Deinotherium.jpg Deinotherium 2.3 Rare 4150 1000 115 10% 5%
Dryosaurus.png Dryosaurus 2.3 Common 1950 900 130 0% 5%
Thylamodactylus.jpg Thylamodactylus 2.3 Legendary 4900 1950 128 5% 40%

P.S Thylamodactylus will have higher attack than Rexy!!

What is your source? I find it very hard to believe the stats on Thylamodactylus. Especially since it would presumably use bleed and rend, why would it even need a high attack?


My source:

It says Damage 1950

Those are fake. Anyone can edit this wiki (in fact I checked who made that page, and it was a random dude from Russia), and the image used for Anguirus is a monster from Godzilla.


Ok I guess

Don’t you think that even if they did somehow data mine the game, they would have official creature art to share? Plus there isn’t any sign of the one creature we basically know will be in 2.3, the one leaked at the start of this thread.

I do want Deinotherium and Dryosaurus to be added eventually. And the Thylamodactylus is a really cool concept, even if it’s attack is super unrealistic. They just aren’t real, unfortunately.


That’s sad

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I was looking forward to Thylamodactylus as a sidekick apex for Mortem Rex

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With that high attack

It looks like it was supposed to be a legendary. I bet if it was real the attack would be much lower though. But with it’s bleeding moves and rending takedown, it honestly wouldn’t need a high attack stat to be good.


Having a bleeder Apex would be awesome. They would finally have to make a bleeder relevant, maybe then they’d rework all the mediocre ones.
Or they’d just let it be trash. Actually, that second one seems more likely.
I would use it anyway though lol.


There will be a stigidarx raid and an indom raid in 2.3

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tell us you source to ratify

I can confirm it as well. Game-press did a datamine and found indominus rex/stygidaryx in the code for raids.


Ooh nice like it , if it’s correct :+1:

i edited the wiki or thylamodactylus
now there is Disclaimer