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What the hell is this?

Are you guys excited for the new patch notes for the next update?



10 updates

Definitely! Always happy to see what new features & creatures are instore every update.

Any ideas like give me one idea each.

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no further comment

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Well I know there will be a Indominus Rex/Stygidaryx raid. I also know there will be some sort of furry gorgonopsid hybrid, but the rest I’m not sure. Although I’m hoping for the following: New Apex, New Emotes, New Dinosaurs, and maybe some updates to alliances would be nice.

Ooooo thats awesome what else

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Thanks! All just put my wish-list of stuff I want in updates:

  • Stat Boosts 3.0
  • Hybrid Maker
  • Minmi
  • Drone Boosts
  • 2 New Arenas
  • Max Level Increased to 30
  • Matchmaking Overhaul

I don’t think Ludia is going to add all this, in fact I’m 99.9999% sure they won’t but this is my dream update.


emotes: definitely
raids: definitely
apex: have u met ludia?
dinosaurs: …thats the whole point of an update

No I mean dinosaurs as in non-Cenozoic/non-Permian creatures. Also I say DinosaurS meaning I want more than one.

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My dream update:

  • Sonoragamma
  • 5 more levels
  • more dinosaurs (therizinosaurus, therizinosaurus gen 2, falcarius, segnosaurus)
  • Raptor raid
  • more emotes
  • higher emote chance in raid minion incubators

Me too. I’m really crossing my fingers that the next update will bring an apex raptor… Velocityraptor


Therizinosaurus that’s a good choice

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I would like a therizinosaurus to be added only if they don’t give it a unique hybrid again.

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Possible suspects

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