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What the hell is this?

I live in Canada and thanksgiving was a week ago I dont think they will be making a Thanksgiving update.

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definitely not titanoboa, but they are your suspicions in the end

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Well no one did anything illegal or shady to access the leaked content. It was right on their Google play page.


I think most of us are guessing Acrocanthops + Smilodon. Acrocanthops seems to have the most evidence for it.

Acro was in the game and they still took down anything relating to it. so either fake leak, or intentional on Ludia’s part. i’m leaning more towards intentional.


or gorgotrebax (apex)
or dakotanops (hybrid)


Probably Dakotanops out of all of those. That explains the gorgonopsid body and theropod head/teeth, and the “fur” could actually be feathers.

If so, it looks like we were all wrong :sweat_smile: But it looks sooo much like a hybrid of Acrocanthops!

Unless it’s a hybrid of Acrocanthops with Dakoraptor. That would still have the “ops” at the end of the name (but not “nops”).


So it wasn’t Smilodon in the end. Although still got my bets on acrocanthops being the hybrid compared to gorgonops like they said.

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When is the patch notes for the next update suppose to be here?

I’m not sure

Anything yet now?

My guess is this Friday, but by the sheer size of this update I wouldn’t be surprised if it took a little longer.

Gamepress already leaked basicly all the creatures and hybrids as well as bosses so prob fryday and somone sent it on our alliance discord and i wanted to see only the bosses now i’ve kinda spoiled myself for the parch notes.

and what would they be?

don’t say “tylacosmudactylus”

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No, not that, somone sent something from gamepress and as far as i remember they are a trust worthy source, again i didn’t read through the hybrids cause i kinda spoiled my self by just reading through the actual dinos(again i just wanted to see the bosses).

Yeah it’s that.

so we could say that the play store hybrid was dakotanops?

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It’s possible that it is

Really excited for it, maybe it would be ready within next week.

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