What the hell, Ludia?! 🤬


When I check if I can kill a dino with some attack and it shows, that I can kill, then later I find out, that I can’t and there’s few HP left. Are you kidding me?!


Cool down dude, it’s only a game.


That shows what you could theoretically take down. It does not take distracting impact/ramapge hits, being nullified, shields etc into account every time. It’s weird, but you have to personally remember these things yourself.

Also, chill out.


There may be an issue with the update and this. I had the same thing earlier and neither dino had a buff or debuff. I went first on a nullifying impact that the health preview said would zero the opponent, but it left quite a bit.


Yeah I had the same problem too, but there’s no need to go swearing on the forums about it like OP did.


No, I just wasn’t going to dignify it by acknowledging it.


The new calcs don’t take shields into consideration. Ludia needs to revert this.


It doesn’t seem to take armor into consideration anymore either.


Yeah this definitely threw me off :sleepy:


You foresee this incident and screenshot right on time? :thinking:


It’s my special ability :tipping_hand_man:t3:

Nah I record majority of my battles, and got the screenshots that I needed lol


Is there reason why you record your battles?
I’ve thought about it so that I could later analyze what I did wrong and learn from my mistakes :smiley:


What do you use to record? I use the Youtube Gaming app but it always has the little circle on the screen for the camera and I’d rather not have that on there.


@User1 I record sometimes for strategy, or I could look back at bs RNG lol

@TheMaxx I use the app “Record it” on the apple store. It is such an easy feature, and only takes about 3 seconds to record your screen. Then it saves straight to your camera roll. Super easy to install through the settings but definitely worth it. You just scroll up and click the button. Usually record my incubators to see if I get anything nice aswell. Reccomend it to all :grin:


curious… does it also happen when the other dino has invincibility? like it says it will die, you hit it and it loses 0 health?


Happened to me today. It seems to be happening to a few people. It is def. A bug.