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What the new dino's you will put and drop from your team after 2.9?

Hiho all.

Just a topic to talk about the dino’s you will drop and put on your team after 2.9.

There are two dino’s I want to add, spinocon and testacornibus.

The snake is 26 and enough DNA to be 27, and this week I hope to progress a bit to 28. Atm, I’m planned to keep him unboosted. I guess his counter-attack and his new attack can be viable even with no boost.

The unique deer is 29, I’m glad I did that in the past haha. I’m planned to boost his health to 5469, with his 45 % armor will be good for a beginning. About his attack, 1400 will be fine ( that mean’s 4200 with his best attack without the vulnerability). I keep his base speed, will see in battle if I need to up it a bit.

I guess my diorajasaur will be the one I dropped. I love it but dunno if he will survived in pvp without be able to reduce speed. I need check in pvp how the vulnerability is good or not.

For spinocon I didn’t choose how yet to put it in my team. I got lvl 30 grypolyth unboost in my roaster so I dunno yet.

After August, I will maybe able to have a poukandactylus 28 or 29 if I’m lucky. He also interest me.


My tenrex will most likely be replaced with orion, sadly. 2.9 looks increasingly to be a speed/swap combo. Will still be good for raid tho,tenrex.


Spinocon,testa,and rinex but me nowhere near any of them.:frowning:

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I’ll try this team out.
I really didn’t have any current team members that got nerfed and had this team, well, momentarily. I’m always switching creatures in and out constantly.
I get bored really fast playing a team with the same creatures. I don’t know how most players can just play the same creatures over and over.


I think tenontorex is still good if he got some speed. Mine have 135 so I keep it on my team. I’m faster than most of the thor I see or other’s tenontorex, tryko.

People play with the same team because they probably already invested a ton of boosts on their team,and can’t switch them out because of that or they are trying to be mainly a meta user.:slight_smile:

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Yea that’s a good pt, but at the same time kinda disappointed it’s gonna go in this direction post 2.9. Just fought a Maxi speed boosted upwards of 125, can’t remember the exact speed. But pretty sure it’s a sign of things to come.

was about to drop tryko and still plan to do so. Just introduced mortem rex in my team for thylacotator but will revert the change. I will drop my tenontorex as well as it won’t fair well with it’s current boost distribution. Probably will bring erlikospyx back in the team. Or might go to the dark side and run the DCs on top of monolorhino and ceramagnus.

It’s going to be a swap in fest thanks to Ludia’s changes…


I will replace my tenontorex with spinoconstrictor

Go for erlikospyx, he will be better than ever with the resilient nerf. He got 67 % resistance stun really usefull, good dmg with two *2 attack in case of revenge. 100 % resistance to Dot, he can reduce dmg a lot and good speed.

I think I’ll be using this team, I’ll get the apex creatures in maybe 5-6 weeks, and skoona 25 by the end of the tourney. I’ll either be using that thyla or indominus.

I will be dropping my lvl 26 tryko, it’s not going to be as good as it was will the resilient nerf. I recently dropped another creature of mine for scorp g3 and probably will replace tryko with Ceramagnus (I’m only 50 dna way).

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I have both utarinx and spyx on my team and I’m so excited (both are lvl 28 and highly boosted)

My poukan will obviously still be on the team
New additions spinocon and testa.
Smilo in 50/50 on

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Only if we eventually get a boost reset, I’ll drop Morty for Scorpius 3. My Morty already struggles against other fierce dinos that are faster and super-health boosted resilients, no point in keeping him around if he’s going to be weaker against the latter now.


I think now mortem vs lux is a 100% lux win which is shouldn’t be :joy:
As the king of pure fierce it should be immune to vulnerability not weak vs it.
I thought mortem needed a health buff not a nerf or lux to be nerfed slightly (not a huge nerf) so it doesn’t one shot mortem turn 1


@Delta those stats though



Here’s mine. I’d like to take off some health and put it into attack soon.

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Well at the moment smiles is working ok because I never do pounce then swap out with r&r right after bit in higher arenas I will probably be wanting to do that so replacing it when I get to aviary. Just waiting for a boost shuffle/reset to take boosts of my tenrex