What the next meta after tank meta end

Hi guys like the theme here, what you guys think after the end of meta tank. Will be imunity, bleeder or something else?

Immunity and bleeder will be king. Probably SIAs will be more valued as well because of that.

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Yes, i think so too. With ss get nerf.

Both of these sound like they could be interesting. I’m ready for anything that can speed up the pace a bit.

I’m used to calling this control vs face in Hearthstone. A control deck plays the long game while a face deck aims to deal quick dmg to the opponent to finish them before they have the chance to stabilize, take board control and setup a win condition. This meta feels control heavy, but it wouldn’t get stale nearly as fast if there were more competitive dinosaurs and greater diversity in moves/counters. Seeing the same handful of dinosaurs over and over is always going to speed up the rate at which themeta gets stale and needs a good stirring. Not sure how they can make this better in a shorter amount of time while still making people NEED those top tier dinosaurs. This game is still early on, it’ll get there but it can definitely get there given time.

Already got my Spinotahsuchus ready lol.

Invincibility Emu Monomimus will be ever more valuable then with that immunity.

Personally I can’t wait till the day I don’t see Stegodeus in every single match!

Bring on the blood :hugs:


Hard to say until the balance changes that go along with an update are known. As it currently stands there can’t really be an immunity meta as for the most part they are too flawed a group in general as they are now.

There never really was a tank meta anyway just a Stegodeus meta that was overblown because it was frequently overleveled. A “bleed meta” would surely come with some adjustments to overall balance too but there is no good way to guess how all of it plays out.

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I would LOVE a good excuse to remove Stegodeus from my team and put something else I actually LIKE playing with in instead…but sadly at level 24 (and ready for 25 which its not going to get anytime soon!) it is tied for highest level with my battle teams Alpha - Indoraptor! (who as it so happens is also ready for level 25, of which it WILL get lol).
So I cant really afford to lose it from my team right now!

However if I did remove it, id probably put something like Tarbo or Allo in its place!

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