What the?

So in an attempt to get my daily battle incubator, i lost 5 battles in a row and dropped 150 trophies. but to add salt to the wound, the 6th game, where i was actually winning glitches hard. after i kill their 2nd dino the games ends and says they win! I’m on corporate wifi so there was no way i wasnt synced or connected to the game. there was no lag in battling up until my sudden loss. good bye a further 32 trophies.

whats going on here?

The game clearly doesn’t like you

i agree lol

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Look on the bright side! The chance of winning the next match gets higher and higher.

This is Ludia. I fall from 4k points under 3k. I loose every figh. 27 Utahsinoraptor make 3:0 i Look the Power 4741 points. I have 2931 and i loose 30 points.

Ludia say only +/- 200 points for matchmaking.

4741-2931=1810 points deffernt.

This is fairness

Please do take into account that 4741 is not the current trophy count of your opponent, but the highest he ever got. It might as well be an arena dropper with ~3k at the moment. Although there is no way to check this. In either case, it’s definitely unfair.

With a 27 Thor

I’m unable to even select buttons mid battle and even after 2 restarts, the menus were glitched. 32 trophies down the drain.

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