What this game needs

This game needs, and I’m sure it’s been mentioned, but a mode where I can battle that DOESNT have anything to do with the tournament… probably beating a dead horse, but hey we can dream haha


If possible, when tournaments are running, there should be a separate version for more casual play.

Yep I totally agree with you. Tournaments ought to be opt-in only! They’re a major off-putting factor for those who don’t want anything to do with being beaten half-dozen times in a row just because they want some incubators. Besides tournaments ought to be flat-levelled so that it’s fair across the board, not just for the pay-to-progress crew.

The problem is Ludia don’t want that. They are a company so they want people to pay money, which is understandable. It just doesn’t make for a good playing field nor for a good reputation for the game.

When people start feeling dis-empowered in a game (and there’s a number of things that are already present which cause this) they start to lose interest and move on to other games. Gaming shouldn’t primarily be about ‘making money’ it should be for the love of gaming and making things for people to PLAY (not pay).

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I fully agree but without the money the game goes away.

JWTG is a better example of tournaments done right. You have your normal “pvp” and your tournaments are a different event on the side.