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What this latest update did to Jurasic world

The Furia de Titãs event is in trouble, it is not accumulating the victories of the other events, keeping these other events always to be held.
We use the dinosaurs to win the tournaments, the dinosaurs have to be in recovery and there is no way to play the events that are left open to be played.
Unmotivated, I don’t have the heart to play this way and the developers are taking too long to fix this problem.

Just finish the events in 1 go and not have to leave and you’re fine.

There are no 28 events to be played at once.
I eliminated all the events of the day twice, at first it accumulates in the tournament of the Titans, when we left the game and later returned the tournament of the Titans is zeroed and the other tormies are again to be played.

I saw Ludia’s post explaining what happened, the matter closed.

@Evaldo_Barboza_Paula go to the Mailbox in your game,you have a surprise waiting for you!!!