What time will the tournament be over for you


Officially it ends at 10:00 am EDT tomorrow but for many it will be over before then!

At some point if you are going for a goal it is pointless because even if you win every battle you are only getting 30 trophies per win and at an average of 2 minutes per battle well Ces’t La Vie (@Heather I got it right :joy:)


I’m playing but it was over for me a week ago.

Because it was obvious being above 4000 was all I can achieve. For me I’m just getting incubators and not checking scores.


For me was 4 days ago when i eeked my way back in the bottom of Ruins!

I wish I had gotten a decent buffer so I could still collect incubator but after losing all the way down to 3780 I knew how fragile my position was and quit!

Believe it or not the last 4 days have been the most pleasant since the tourny began!

No stress :sunglasses:


A suggestion for the unranked masses in Ruins ( unranked masses almost sounds like a condition :joy::japanese_ogre:) that are close to the border.

Screenshot shot your position JIC! It is proof you were there if for some reason you don’t receive the prize!

I am hoping the last hour will have a countdown clock in the battle page like JWTG tournaments!


It qas over for ne on day 1.


I was in the unranked masses. Give me my 500 epic participation trophy. I tried a bit. :rofl:


I got to 3980 and lost 3 times in a row. Now stuck at 3800 the 4k seems ellusive. I keep gettin bad luck with rng and so im frustrated hahahah this game sucks but yet im compelled to keep trying for the 4k

P.s the games fine but at this level its like pingpong


Good luck. 20 more characters of good luck.


You are kind sir 20 kind characters


I want to watch the last 30 minutes leaderboard fun but I’m scared to accidentally hit the battle button and not be quick enough to back out!

At that point I leap off my 27 floor balcony phone in hand as I plummet to a fiery death below!


I’ve lost over 200 trophies today. I don’t know what’s going on (presumably people frantically trying to hit 4k) but I have no incubators now. sigh


Yeah I’m disappointed. I’ve been getting to 3950 then going up against overleveled teams and drop 100. Has happened countless times now and at this point I’ve just accepted that I won’t get the epic incubator…:frowning:


Don’t give up there still is time! All it takes is good luck with the RNG


Roly you always have such a positive outlook!!! :joy::hugs:


I did it just! It is over. Finally the grind of being stunned 10 times in a row, 5% criticals happening 25% of the time, several overpowered players with level 24 stegodeous and 23 indo and a string of getton to 3900 and back to 3700 i somehow did it.

Just know I had a level 18 allo, 18 setgecertops, 19 indom, 18 monostego, 16 armagacephalus, 18 tradogist, 18 enisuchus and 19 setgodeous. Its possible guys!

Just as a point to those getttin stressed. I got too involved trying to get 4k and it is frustrating. Do not let it ruin your day! I nearly did ha. I was about to give up and think never mind but if i had done that 3 days ago id of had a better weekend lol


lol ok y’alls words of encouragement worked! Back to the fight!!!


Don’t give up I felt the same then I actully made it


Kept dropping out of top 500 then need to fight my way back. Finally at 365th place but 2 losses puts me out of top 500 while it would take 5 wins to get into top 250. I’m stopping and checking where I stand tomorrow morning.


Guys!!! I did it! Squeeked by at 4006 lol!!!


Just got in 4008 after 2hrs of chomping/stunning/cloaking/striking/kicking/punching/scratching/biting. What a grind…:slight_smile: im done!