What to do about Thor?

Well before the patch notes released, I was getting ready to start fusing for Thor. I have a level 20 Tarbo and Allosino and all I was waiting for was Tarbo DNA, but now that he’s getting a nerf, even with the attack buff, is he still viable for a team? I would like to hear the communities opinions on this since it would be a waste of my time to get Thor and have it be mediocre.

With boosts around Thor is still one of the best dinos in the game and now it can easily take down those dodge/evasive dinos :slight_smile:


Gotta catch ‘em all

Well, I was thinking about that. When boosts get to the point where everyone is at tier 7 on all their dinos then I’m wondering if it’s still viable.

it will take months or even years for most of us to reach tier 7 on all 8 dinos :slight_smile: and Lydia can always nerf them along the way

Thor got very slight nerf, then very slight buff with it. Thor will be broken much in 1.8 just the same as now.


There’s a lot of guessing right now. I would hold off on expenditures on it until after the update. It all depends on what you would use instead of it anyway. I don’t think he’s a guarantee on teams with more options anymore. With it being no longer a direct revenge counter to DC I would probably prefer TenRex tbh

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I seem doubtful on that though, his crit was what made it harsh, double that with people putting all their boosts on it, then yeah, he’s hard to beat, but I’m just saying down the road, will he be worth it?

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That seems like a solid idea. I’ll just wait it off and hopefully I can get something else to work towards.


I do have enough DNA to get T-Rex to 20, so maybe I can work on Tryko since Kentrosaurus is going to be my main guy in the Sanctuaries.

A Thor nerf? LOL

The one I just faced hit me with 7,869 damage crit. With the new rules it drops to 6,558. Not much help when my health was 6,000. Even if I was at 7,000 the Instant Charge is next.


Even with the critical hit changes coming in 1.8 I think Thor will still be a beast.

Dodge/evade/cloak dinosaurs used to have a chance to damage her before with the possibility of not getting hit but now they are going to take at least 1/3 damage which may not be enough to kill them but with Thor can still be a significant amount of their hit points. Although, an Erlidominus or Irex can still significantly hurt or kill her if their cloak holds (even with the 1/3 unavoidable damage).

Dinosaurs with distraction can keep her damage reduced but not long enough to completely kill her.

Bleeders can put a hurting on her but they need to be faster than Thor and they die fairly easily against her.

Since most of Thor’s attacks ignore armor, even heavily armored dinosaurs have difficulty surviving long enough to kill her on their own.

Probably the best chances against her are faster heavy hitters, other Thors, and (the still RNG dependent) stun locks. More than likely she will still be getting one or more kills per battle most of the time.

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Give up on it and use another dinosaur in its place. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging: need more variety in the arena instead of everybody using Thor. Pretty sure there are other dinos that are better than Thor. Just saying

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Good grief, you bring up an excellent point. Basically the best counter I had was Indoraptor Evasive move. Now a decent Thor is going to get a minimum 1,200 on each shot.

Never fear, the Thor exterminator is here…



pfft… I brought mine to L21, tried it once and it got crushed immediately, plus its HP is below even a low level DC threshold. Going to have to open up the wallet and boost the crap out of it to make it even remotely useful against almost any thor out there.


thanks to 1.8 changes :speak_no_evil: