What to do after we finish the Tyrant Pass and passes to come

I had an Idea that once we finish any pass after that once we complete a daily challenge we get 250 coins weekly 1000 monthly 5000 or something similar. Is this a good idea?

I agree with the whole should get coins after max rank. Though I think the bonus coins should be tied to rank ups like the rest of the pass. Amount is debatable but whatever Ludia feels comfortable with free players paid pass should get 2x.

The whole purpose of a pass is to get players engaged and playing daily. A pass that’s easily completable for paying customers is good. Just add an incentive to keep up engagement. And maybe more sales due to increased “value” of a paid pass.


Yeah I agree,you pretty much said what I said but made it sound so much better

I Think it leaked that a few day before the next pass begins and this one ends there is kinda a rush where you get extra rewards