What to do now?

So I have 5 characters, 3 are level 5 and 2 are level 4. I’m waiting for few challenges whenever I can, always keep a battle chest unlocking and can progress no further in the campaign. Feels like there is literally nothing to do now after initially playing the game for almost 2 days continuously. Any advice? Usually when a game goes like this I get bored and uninstall which is a shame as the game itself is enjoyable (except for the pvp, matchmaking is broken)

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Grind grind grind, welcome to DnD

Try some free gems offer to fasten your progression

Grind. a good way is to grind the first challenge. The 50 gold one. I just finished 20 runs cost 1000gold and this is what I got from it
The ones in brackets are secret rooms

  1. 3 gems 52xp ea
  2. 3 gems
  3. 200 gold
  4. 3 gems
  5. 150 gold
  6. 10 common
  7. 50 gold
  8. 4 epic
  9. 3 rare (113 gold 19 common)
  10. 3 gems
  11. 10 common
  12. 150 gold (99 gold 19 common)
  13. 10 rare
  14. 40 c (112 gold 16 com 3 rare)
  15. 50 gold
  16. 150 gold
  17. 150 gold
  18. 4 rare
  19. 4 rare (100 gold 17 com 2 rare)
  20. 3 gems
    1324 gold 15 gems 131 common 26 rare 4 epic
    And about 1k exp ea hero
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@Eddy_Rich If he only has 3 level 5 toons it is probably only a 50/50 chance he can get all 3 bosses in Sharpstone Keep.

Keep opening chests for a few days and get at least one more level and some gear on your characters and once you can clear all 3 Sharpstone Keep bosses you farm there.

Biggest tip is to rotate your characters and level them all up because one of your best places to get loot is from the equipment packs from leveling up your renown. Guaranteed Legendary in each pack.

There is now a legendary in every equipment pack? Wow.

I was already like renown 12 when they released worldwide. Though I was getting them now cause of higher level.

Good they improved them that much, wish they were back when it was easier to gain a renown. Now it’s over a month.

Coulda had so much more legendary by now