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What to do while waiting for updates 😍

As most here know, Lovelink is a brillant, well written game and is completely addictive. The stories are so engaging and witty and it’s style is very different from most “dating” sim or otome apps.

And after Reading this forum I realised that many others, like myself, are waiting with bated breath for the next updates and unsure what to do while we wait.

So I hope this is okay but I wanted to share what I’m playing while I wait. Each suggestion below is similar in that it uses a mobile chat style.
They can’t replace Lovelink but each has its own unique style/ storyline and humour.

  1. Whats Your Story? (WYS)
    Download and replay Lovelink again through downloading the What’s Your Story app by the same developers. I also finally matched with Capt Muffin this way. The game is the same but as it’s an earlier version you may notice some slight difference in what’s said.

  2. Miraclr
    This takes place over 7 days can can be replayed as many times as you want. Youre chosen to join in with some angels and lucifer to make a miracle. They all aim to get to know you through the app and the dynamics are hilarious. Plus It’s completely free

  3. Mystic Messenger
    This one has an 11 day game cycle. But Some people may already know It. You start the app to find your phone has been hackEd by someone who leads you to an apartment. When you go inside it connects you to a chat room and 6 people in mid chat. You get to phone them as well as private and group chats. Brilliantly written

So for anyone that need to fill in their time while waiting, the above is what’s helping me to get my fix while I wait for more LoveLink :sparkling_heart::face_with_hand_over_mouth::hibiscus:


You can match with Capt. Muffin on the Lovelink app as well. You couldn’t before because there wasn’t any story content released for him yet.

I don’t know why, but What’s Your Story doesn’t seem to be on the App Store anymore - so unless you’ve purchased it before, they likely won’t be able to find it.

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Romance Club is also good

what’s your story has been taken off the ios app store so unless u still have it on ur phone u can still play it probably… omg MM i haven’t played it since it first came out :sob: :sob: i only stopped playing MM due to storage space…