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What to do with my monolophosaurus this weekend

ok so i have a level 19 monostegotops with 40 additional dna. on the other hand i havent created monomimus yet but i have 70 dna for it. which one would you go for

The collector in me says to go for Monomimus.
The combatant in me says Monostego.
And the Monomimus hater says hack the server and delete Monomimus entirely :joy:


I think the real question comes down to which are you going to be able to level easier? Each definitely has their uses depending on where in the arenas you are…and there’s been a LOT of Gallimimus DNA out there lately. Plus, if you aren’t spending the Stego DNA to ultimately make more Monostegotops, it means you can funnel more towards Stegodeus instead of splitting it.


Monominus is better, i have a lvl 25 monoategotops and abandoned level him more and start wasting the mono dna in monomimus

I can level both pretty easily i have over mana on triceratops stegoceratops and gallimimus

monomimus has many uses. aside from nullifying a cloak/evasive, monstego is not super useful.

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