What to do with Nodopatosaurus?

After the updateI don`t know for which dino I should use my Nodopato-DNA

  • Stegodeus
    or -Nodopatotitan

What do you think?

Stegod is still very good

I tried to like Nodopadotitan… But his attack is too weak. Curious about Giga, though

Stegod loses to high armored dinosaurs like nodopatotitan, gigaspika, and tragodists after the update, but it does better against fast dinosaurs than other tanks due to its high damage.

I’m going for all three, right now I just need Nodopatotitan. After I get Nodotitan I’ll probably continue to dump Nodopato DNA into Stegod.

Im 700 dna away from maxing my stegod :+1:t3:

Stegod is now a pure tank and a good one.