What to do with non-hybridizable dinos

Hi everyone, I’m new here. I’m glad I’ve found such a great and informative place to talk about the game.
There’s something I wanted to ask you: what should one do with multiples cards of an already maxed dino that can’t get hybridized? I’ve got many Shunosauruses and Scaphognatuses but I don’t know what to do with them. Should I sell them for DNA or wait for a new hybrid?


Trade em off for bucks, dna, or loyalty points.


But what if they get hybrids?


You still have the maxed ones ready. U could just hatch one of the extra copies


Hatch them. You’ll get more coins, better code 19 rewards for that Dino too.

Most of my Jurassic legendary paddocks are getting maxed out.

I never hurt for coins. Code 19 get me 1000s of DNA a day if I do well.

Now, I trade them away if maxed (9x40, 30, 20, 1) for the first non coin trade.


I’m with @Timmah hatch them out, focus on hatching out the locked copies (ones that cost amber in the market) I have many copies of shunos, suchos and scaps hatched and they come in very handy even in the late stages of the game.

Eventually they will get hybrids so you will be thankful for having the extra copies.


Do you have any standard legendary paddocks at full compacity then? They must give crazy amounts of coin and code 19 rewards…


Yeah at this point I think that’s what I’m gonna do. I have a question tho. I get why they would make more coins but why having more of them give better Code-19 rewards? Is there some connection between dinosaur level/quantity and Code-19?


Yes, having more creatures in a paddock will reward you with more dna and more sdna. It will make the code 19 harder but it’s well worth it in the long run, I get around 660 dna from my dime paddock which is pretty easy still, and my metriaphodon paddock I got near 1k dna yesterday.

The higher the rarity and the more creatures you have in said paddock will increase rewards.


Oh that’s nice to hear. But it seems that quantity matters more than level, so in this case it’s better to have 7 Shunosauruses at level 10 (plus the already maxed one) rather than a level 30, a level 20 and a level 10, right?



However you gotta think would 2 extra level 30s be more beneficial to your game rn in terms of lineup strength and tournament runs than the extra level 10s?

My focus first would be getting my lineup to a certain point where it can handle tournaments and PvE before focusing on maximising code 19s, but it’s entirely down to you.


Thanks to everyone for all these infos!
As of now I can win tournaments with relative ease so I think that I’m gonna try making my Code-19 a bit better. Thanks again!


Yep, most Jurassic are. I’ve done coins to Jurassic custom trades for over a year hatching them all until that Dino is fully maxed out.

All are 10SDNA. Vary in DNA though. Most are above 500DNA if perfectly done code 19.

I’ve put away most commons and rares. I focus on keeping everything around 10 Dino’s for max rewards until they get naturally maxed.

Those old boss battles were great and I filled up a forever locked common, almost a second one. Third still has a long ways to go.


Keep them. They’ll always could end up getting hybrids soon


1st don’t let them build up to take full advantage of the TH.

2nd hatch everything you can as quickly as you can as long as it isn’t holding you back form hatching more useful or important things. Typically the 1st hatcher spot is reserved for hatching legendary and quicker.

3rd anything you can’t get hatched quickly meaning basically immediately needs traded away be it random offers or customs. You can get 400 + lps for most legendary jurassics in a custom trade.

Draw your line, it’s not worth spending 100db speeding up a dino in the 1st slot just to hatch out something of little value quickly to keep your inventory empty.


Me who traded most of my extra Scaphas and all my Shunos due to no space in hatchery be like