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What to do with Sinoceratops DNA? I am confused


I have around 5800 Sino DNA, but i have no clue which Hybrid is worth it. Thoradolosaur, Utarinex or Utahsinoraptor? Thora i could create, for Utarinex i am still missing Dracorex DNA and it gets a small nerf in 1.6. Utasinoraptor i have already on Level 17 and i heard it’s a beast in higher levels and it even gets a buff now with the new skill. Any advices?


Personally id go Thor, the crits and IC are great, Not amazing at lower lvls but once it gets enough HP it is a beast.


I love Thor. I got mine to lv24 and had multiple times where I have one shot the first 2 Dino’s in a battle causing my opponent to rage quit.


Thor the one to go for


Just look at my picture… :grin:


Hold off till the update lands. Utarinex looks set to be nerfed a little. However utahsino looks to be getting buffed. I’d go Thor tho personally lol