What to do with Trex/raptor DNA

I’ve got Indo only at 21. Erliko at 20 and Ankyntrosaurus at 20 but slow grinding.
3000 trex and almost 20k raptor
Obviously more coming this week should I save for new uniques (tryko) etc or all in for indoraptor

I did all in on indoraptor, cause tryko is average right now cause is slow but dont know what to do whit your dna xd

1st world problems


For me i will progress for the lvl 22 of my raptor, and i also use some for my indominus Rex lvl 17, cause of the really awesome 6 t-rex i will able to catch on friday !

Save that raptor DNA to make Indoraptor. You will regret leveling it to 22

Sorry I should’ve clarified. I have indoraptor