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What to do?

So I am at a dead end.
My strongest pterosaur is a lvl 40 Tropeognathus.
I need a new STRONGER pterosaur since the amphibians in the events and battle stages have been getting strong.

The pterosaur needs to have

  1. Lots of health
    2.takes as minimum of my resources

The options that I currently have are

  1. Hatzegopteryx
    I could wait and defeat the next battle stage and get a Zhejiang gopterus
    And level it up for a strong one or even make tropeoggopterus (it’s a hybrid )

Pls tell me in the replys what to do

Also check if I give another option in the replies I feel like I have forgotten something.

This thread can be used to ask any suggestions regarding your lineup.

At this stage I really wouldnt worry about getting stronger pterosaurs.
Just focus on doing the daily events, save LP and buy the Solid Gold packs. The VIP Dinos are your best friends as an early-mid game player.

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Oh yes the other option is Tapejara

Tapejara would be the best from the lot IMO, since it has a useful hybrid and a superhybrid later on.

You don’t really need to worry much about getting strong creatures or lineup balancing in early-mid game, just keep playing and you will be good.
Also, welcome to the forums!

Here are my lineup
Strongest carno- Alangasaurus
Strongest herbivore-Pachyccephalosarus
Strongest pterosaur - Tropeognathus
Strongest amphib- Nundasuchus

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Thank you!

How did you get pachycephalosaure?

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It is unlocked at Battle stage 24 or something

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Thought it was the hybrid :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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