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What to expect in Aviary?

Just now moved into Aviary for the first time. I have no idea what to expect. What should I expect from Aviary?

A ticket back down to Lockwood


So it’s that difficult?

Lol this is good.

No it’s not that hard depending on your team. Aviary is mostly hard on the bridge to Library. There is already lvl 21-22 teams in it xD

Fix park spawns.

OP utasinoraptors, dracos and procerathomimus.

Bring your tanks


It’s an elevator… Up and down up and down.

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Besides lvl 24 and boosted to their teeth DC’s? This… and many, many others…

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Not even near from my worst nightmares in +5000

There are some freakishly fast Tryko in Aviary.
135-150 speed Boosted Thors are common.
And of course Dracotops.

You will find many INDORAPTORS!

If you want to stay at the Aviary,you will have to get used to this CROWD…

Good to know and dually noted.

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Overpowered Dracoceratops!! In constant use…and if you survive that…Overpowered Thor with 6000hp and 2400+ damage. Enjoy!!

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There are a lot of seriously unbalanced teams in the Aviary.
A lot of players there have over-levelled their Thor and Dracocera, while the rest of their team is mediocre. You’ll squash them if they don’t draw Thor and DC, but they’ll crush you if they get their two big hitters in their line up.

I’m much happier since graduating to the Library - the teams are a lot more balanced there and the matches are more enjoyable overall.

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