What to level up?

I am new and wonderi g which are the best few to level up early as I go through first few levels. I know in all these games the commons will eventually not be used but just wondering what folks recommend to carry up through say first 15 levels and which not to waste time with.

Suchotator is a strong bet for early game and endgame

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Don’t level up!!! Ludia is gonna match you against IDGT902 in battle.

Anything with a hybrid should be levelled to fusion level and stopped there. Then you can start levelling the hybrid.


Some easy choices:

Miragaia can be leveled to 15 without waste.
Velociraptor, Deinocheirus & Tanycolagreus can be leveled to 20 without waste.

In terms of overlevelling, Suchotator is probably the only dino that I would overlevel. Mostly as it kind of pays for itself with strike towers.


Agreed with @Qaw