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What to spend dna on next?

Howdy friends right now I have been only spending dna on maxing my common hybrid paddocks and buying tournament legendaries. My current goal is to build a Jurassic lineup that absolutely guarantees I finish in dominator, and so it seems that tournament legendaries are the best option as they are the appropriate strength and I can get normal legendaries from packs. If anyone sees a flaw in my logic and thinks these legendaries aren’t worth the dna and hatching time, I’d be happy to hear your suggestions. Otherwise, I am curious as to what creature I should get next. I have finished ceratosaurus and will be finishing zalmoxes next week. What do you guys think I should get next? I have ptera gen 2, parasaur gen 2, troodon, and the battle stage creatures unlocked. It seems like an amphibian would be useful, but I also like the idea of building towards tournament hybrids. Any input is appreciated
TLDR: what tournament legendary to get next?
Here is my lineup for context

I would fuse those Rajas to a level 15 or at the same stats than dilplosuchus at level 10, also those tape and zalmoxes near at diplosuchus level 10, then expand your team to get more dinos with same ferocity, for me a level 10 diplosuchus works for dominator. Also try to save LP to have VIPs they are very handy at tournaments, and spend wisely your dna. Here is my lineup as non vip, hope it helps, with this now I can earn nice dna and end easily in dominator.

As of now, I’m aiming for 8 L20 Ostaposauruses and 8 L20 I-rexes. My lineup is somewhat similar to @Mr_Nobody_cares

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This is to prepare for 8 L1 Metriaphodons and 8 L1 Segnosuchuses