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What to spend DNA on?

Lvl 67 here – I need to add a bit more punch to my lineup to get into Dominator, and daily events are harder than I’d like them to be because I got a Monostegotops a bit earlier than I probably should have – I usually need one of my best dinos to beat them.

Here are my current “heavy hitters”:

  • Lv. 10 Monostegotops (2x)
  • Lv. 20 Indominous Rex (2x)
  • Lv. 20 Mastodonsaurus (1x)
  • Lv. 20 Tanycolagreus (1x)
  • Lv. 40 Diplotator (1x)
  • Lv. 30 Tropeogopterus (2x)

Obviously, I have my hatcheries working on dinos I win in events, and I add VIPs when I have the LPs – what have you guys found is the most efficient way to spend DNA? Right now I’m thinking my best move is to grab another Indominous, they’re pretty reliable, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

To answer your question about getting into Dominator, it depends if what you listed is most of your lineup or not.

At lower levels, for me, it took quantity over quality to get into Dominator. The more matches that I was able to compete in, gave me a chance to get more points. At level 55, I only started getting into Dominator because I had 10-15 Lv10 VIP dinos + Lv30 legendaries to battle every 2-3 hours. (Bottom 80th+ in Dom)

All of the dinos that you currently listed are stronger than my top dinos, I’m Lv85 now. But, I have no problems getting into Dominator.

It’s up to you if you like to buy another I-Rex with your DNA. But, if you’re having trouble getting into Dominator with your current “heavy-hitters” maybe another heavy-hitter is not the way to go. Might need more depth in your lineup.


My next-best tier would be:

-lv.10 Rajastega
-lv. 20 Tapejalosaurus
-lv. 10 Apatosarus
-lv.10 Proceratosaurus
-lv. 10 Prestosuchus
-lv. 10 Baryonyx
-lv. 10 Eudimophodon
-lv. 20 Lythronax
-lv. 30 Pteranadon
-lv. 30 Ichthyostega
-lv. 30 Unaysaurus

Your point is well-taken on depth – I’m doing all I can to hatch those legendaries and grab those VIPs (Hopefully I get a good pull from the diamond prize!); it’s all about grinding. I’m not really wondering how to get into Dominator, that’s just gonna take patience. I was specifically wondering what people find is the best use of DNA, since the vast majority of dinos I hatch are legendaries from event packs or VIPs purchased with LPs.

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Well, if you’re not focused on getting Dominator right now, then you should buy the dino that you like the most.

You might spend your DNA differently than someone else. Your line-up looks pretty good considering your level as well. Not sure if there is a “need” for a particular dino for you right now.

My DNA is used for buying the most affordable “coin-maker” dino. I’ve just been maxing my paddocks with them and hatch the ones that I get for free.


I was spending my DNA early on when I wanted to get into Dominator.

Since you stated that your daily events are a little difficult, you should work on getting another Lv10 Rajastega to make it into Lv20. Another Lv20 Tapejalosaurus into Lv30. Some Lv40 Legendaries to finish off would help your lineup as well.

There is a bit of ferocity disparity between your Monostegotops and Mastodonsaurus, with not much in between.

Another Lv20 I-Rex would cost almost 60K DNA, but you could bring a few of your Lv30 Legendaries to Lv40 with that amount of DNA and your daily missions might be a bit easier.


Will do, except for the Raja – I don’t have it unlocked, I won it on a lucky modded PvP draw. Rn the plan is to grab one more 20 Indo, use the DNA that comes after on a few dinos I need to unlock hybrids, and hatch the legendaries I’ve already won.

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I’d get 2x lv30 Diplotator for your line up.

I just put up 2115 for a solid finish into DOM.

I am all quantity over quality.

My top ferocity is about 3K. And only about 6 dinos there. I have maybe 5 Level 40 Legendary. Most of my line up is only 2.5K (Just above and just below lev 10 VIPs)

The backbone of my line up is 4x Ankylodocus lev 20, 4x Diplotator lev 30, followed by a mix of 14x VIPs at lev 10.

The “bulk” of the dinos cool down is between 5-7hours. So, I battle 3 times a day for maybe 12-15 battles.

I kept track of my last run:
Fri morning run 399
Fri afternoon run: 665 (number 1 in Dom at the time)
Fri night run went poorly: 778 (started run at #1 and finished #1)
Sat morning ok: 975, still top of dom start and finish
Sat afternoon run: 1124 (ended at 4th)
Sat night run: 1354 (ended at 25th)
Sun morning run: 1697 (ended at 30th) top 2021 bottom 903)
Sun afternoon run: 1884 (ended at 44th) top 2393 bottom 1067)
Sun night run: 2115 (ended at 37th) top 2791 bottom 1244)

You tell me if you think you need better or just more.

My best working/results line up is Herb 1700s, Diplotator lev 30 and any Carnivore with 400-550 attack at the end. AI switched to Carn that the Amp takes out and the Carnivore normally cleans up the rest.

Sometimes I get a line up where the AI can one shot me out of the start and does/attacks for 2. I typically give up and try again.

It is all about getting at many chances in front of you as you can and winning the ones you can.

Build lots of numbers over higher numbers.

Also, after my first “battle”, in 2hours (VIP cool down), I can use my VIPs to do the PvE and still have them for the next “battle” 7 hours later.

Good luck.

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I’m struggling to see how level ten vips are getting people into dominator. What lineup do you use to get thru predator? I’m going to take your advice and start working on diplo. Could you screenshot your top Dinos that you use to get thru the back end of predator and stay in dominator ?

Sure, I can post it later. My top dino is a level 40 Pteranodon (My t-rex is only like lev36 just below it.) I’m big on balancing by ferocity. Next, I think will be adding balance based on the 7hour cool down window.

The lev 10 VIPs are NOT getting me into DOM. They support it though.

My core model is 1500 (ideally 1700)-2000 health for the first dino. 1200ish health, 400ish attack on the second dino and all attack on the last dino (527+ but sometimes in the 400s if I am running low on choices).

The second dino ALWAYS needs class advantage over what kills the first dino. The last dino is a 3rd class.

You ALWAY sacrifice the first dino (with rare exception like it being an Herb vs 3 AI birds) for point advantage.

After that, you have to work your magic! :wink:

Keep in mind, I only win 50% of battles. My best run was 250 points, which is about 8 wins of 14 battles. My worse was 120 points or 3 wins of 14 battles. I get a fair number of DOA battles.

I played 126 battles in 3 days. (None today.) Of that for 2115, I won maybe 55. So, I wasn’t even 50%.

Thanks man. I’m looking forward to seeing your lineup ! This helps me plan! What level are you?

The problem with higher level dinos is you get 1/2 as many with an extra 50% cool down time. You need a lot of depth before you move up.
End Edit:

Level 84, soon to be 85.

This is my top row above and below the vips.

I only went to level 40 due to missions. My top 6 Dino’s don’t do much better than the sub vip Dino’s.

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Thanks for taking the time!

If you need more visual lineup help, here’s what I have been using since I started playing:

The Alangasaurus and Labyrinthosaurus were the bulk of my team and with luck, I was able to beat a few Dominator teams.

Now, I only do 6-7 battles every 4-5 hours. Using Apatosaurus/Prestosuchus/Concavenator.

I interchange Lv20 Einiosaurus/Mastodonsaurus/Proceratosaurus. I used Lv30 Diplotator to replace Mastodonsaurus sometimes.

You asked about Predator league @Cutty. When I reach Pred league, I would start using my Lv10 VIPs (Lv30 Legendaries) in the 2nd spot, someone weak with some HP first and a mediocre dino last (usually a 2nd sacrifice for the middle dino).

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How do you play the 3rd dino if you sacrifice the first 2?

I just don’t see 8 points getting through 3 dinos in DOM, even if the AI it out of points when you start.

OP, I should also add, that if you run the same kind of team a bunch of times, the AI will follow only a few different patterns. Once you learn those patterns, you can guess what the AI will do in a lot of tight spots. The AI won’t always do the same thing, but a good guess that works 80% of the time is really helpful.

So first slot = sacrifice (Reserve build up),
2nd Dino is your main damage dealer/bit of HP.
3rd is slightly stronger than 1st dino but also a sacrifice for 2nd dino (Reserve build up again).

So, during the battles I usually have 7-8 Action Points twice to win.

You need to do something like:


Because you don’t want your main attacker to go up against it’s weakness, the 3rd dino in your team may be able to help.

Sorry if it was confusing, 1st and 3rd dino should be your sacrifices, if needed.

I didn’t understand this @Timmah:

“I just don’t see 8 points getting through 3 dinos in DOM, even if the AI it out of points when you start.”

You said this. But I think your last comment explained what I was asking.

I’ve done this. The middle dino has a class advantage (or the others a disadvantage). I attack/block to live, than swap/charge to the 2nd sacrifice (your 3rd dino) to charge back up and win with the original 2nd dino.

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I’ve noticed you’re keeping pretty steady in the tournaments now :partying_face: Good job!

I have noticed that sometimes the AI will do 4 blocks, I will block 4X again then sneak in 4 Reserve and then 4R/4B until the AI does 4A and then I have 8 Action points against 0.

I’ll just chime in and say that when it came to purchasing, I always prioritized getting ones that would fit into my current lineup, but had the best potential to level up in the future. Particularly with which hybrids to get. So I’d rather buy a hybrid that I could leave at level 10 and then evolve higher than 2 level 10s of something else that would need to be brought to a lvl 20 to fit into my top tier but would max out sooner. A lot of times this would mean saving up more DNA before purchasing as the better one would cost more, but it would get me more bang for my buck later on.

I would still spend DNA on things like a legendary I might need to finish a lvl 40 off, etc. And for certain PvEs you might need to pad out the lower hybrid paddocks as well (rares in particular). But keeping this main goal in mind has worked well for me in maximizing my DNA purchase power.


Wait you used the labyrinthosairs and the alaganaursauros and what other dinosaur to get to dominator? This is interesting thank you @Nestea

Nevermind I think I get it now. This is something I can actually do right now T my level. Thank you! Going to get those two common hybrids going ASAP!

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When I was first getting and staying in Dominator, I leaned hard on my level 40 common hybrids, level 10 VIPs, level 20 tournaments, and similar ferocity creatures. There were definite times they got stomped on, but at the same time, they also got wins. Once my lineup got better, in the interest of time, I moved these guys to the top half of Predator League.


They are also good “coin” producers :grinning: those two common hybrids.

As @Andy_wan_kenobi mentioned, use all of those dinos, combine/mix & match. You want to be able to do as many battles as possible, more chances to win this way.

Sometimes you’ll get lucky and be up against an easy lineup.

The only downside is that the hybrids has 4-5 hour cooldowns. But they’re pretty affordable and easy to get to Lv40.

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