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What to spend ftp bucks on?

So I’ve been a ftp player since the game started and recently I’ve been approaching 9000 bucks. So generally in the past I’ve been aiming for the 10k incubator as they only come around so often for the ftp players like me.
However I’ve been been thinking it’s more worthwhile to buy boosts instead (I only did like once or twice back when boosts were wayy cheaper.)

So my questions is:
Which is a more worthwhile way to spend 10 k bucks?

  1. The 10k incubator
  2. 5 full boosts, seems silly now that I’ve written it all out. But boosts are such high priority nowadays

I actually wait for coin sales and then use all my bucks to buy millions of coins


This really isn’t even a close contest, boosts. Of all the things you can use hard cash on nothing is as important as boosts. You can acquire coins and DNA on the Map but boosts are limited and valuable.


Yeah yeah the coin sales do look juicy but I just feel odd cos I’m often strapped for DNA of the things I want to lvl up so the coins seem to just hang around ya know

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I have plenty of boosts I still need to use, and I need lots of coins cuz I have so many creatures that need to be upgraded.
I think you should use your hard cash to buy what you need and not just boosts

Coins or boosts, avoid DNA since you might get something completely useless, plus DNA is generally easier to get.

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Boosts, and if you have access to high level sanctuaries, the interaction package. Sure enough, if you don’t fully spins all your daily drops, then coins are next.

On the other side, if you’re a collector who simply want all the dinos in your collection instead of concentrating on 10 or 12, then coins come first.

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I advise you to spend it on offers of coins always a year there is an offer that gives you a% more coins and it may be 25% more coins so I advise you to take advantage and wait for the offer, you will thank me because when You have a higher level it will cost you more coins to raise your creatures and I tell you the truth, the power-up tokens help at the beginning but with the coins you make sure you have a really strong creature.

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The best is to speed up incubators (3h, 15m and 8h when it costs less than 45 HC) then boosts or coins depending on your needs.


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If you play pvp and want to progress then spend it on boosts.

With a bit of effort you can max out coins from drops, and of course the chase every weekend. Plus if your alliance is helpful by requesting commons you can get more from that.

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This… not only is speeding up incubators the most cost effective way to purchase boosts but your also getting dna and coins in those incubators as well so instead of trying to decide between dna, coins, and boosts your getting all three.


This guy gets it.

Also, wait and get stuff on sale (mainly coins) and avoid getting those 10K incubators. The pool of DNA is too large, you’ll never get enough of anything “good” to make it worthwhile.