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What to spend on now?

So I’m at the end, where I can’t spend more iron despite getting 10-15.000 a day. I also don’t have more to spend fish and wood on, except getting all my 150 dragons to level 150…40 are there, the rest pending levels 63 and up.
I need runes however and things for my last two legendary dragons. So would it be possible to trade iron for runes (eg 1:20) or to buy certain collectables for the legendaries? Or trade with other vinkings on a ‘marked’?

Trading with other players would be quite useful for older players. I have most of my dragons at level 150, with the last few being over 100, and my only problem is that for the past few month I’ve been receiving more fish from Titan Training than I could ever need. And since that fish doesn’t go in the mail, like other surplus resources do, millions of fish has been wasted. And when I do need fish to feed the dragons, I don’t have enough to even upgrade them one level.

I agree on the fish. It would be nice if it went into your mail. Wait until you get some up in the 140 class 1.2 million per dinner times 5. Then you will have a use for all of the extra fish. I now have 509 dragons and most of them are level 150. Can’t wait for the next expansion.

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