What total amount of boosts do you have backed up on creatures you don’t use?

Personally I have a total of 52 boosts scattered across unusable creatures in my collection.
20 speed boosts, 19 attack boosts & 13 speed boosts

What about you?

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35 health 43 damage and 39 speed

on geminititan, thoradolosaur, mortem rex and thylacotator


All my boost are on tournament creatures and 4 of them are in my arena team. So I use all my creatures that are boosted when the time is called for. I think I have 12 fully boosted with some other boost on a few others I’m building. Free to play player.

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11 critters fully boosted. 19 health, 13 attack, 20 speed in reserve.

36 boosts scattered on unusable creatures