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What trophy level did you drop Miragaia for something else?

Basically, I think this season prize is useless for just about everybody.
I think anybody over 4000 Trophies has discarded Miragaia for better dinosaurs. while the hybrid Dsungaia is impossible to build, due to the lack of the arena exclusive Dsungaripterus. I believe anybody building the hybrid has Miragaia in excess.

So what level of trophies did you stop using Miragaia, and it you are using Miragaia, what trophy level are you?

I think I’ve dropped the thing in Badlands long ago. Never boosted it, never leveled it past 15.

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I never even use it out of tourneys


I never used it. I leveled it thinking I would eventually, but i always got something better.


Badlands is like 2000 to 2500 Trophies.
People don’t get the Miragaia prize until 2500+ trophies. Ouch.

Miragaia is a Fallen Kingdom reward. In addition to it hogging the pool for the 5 hour free incubator.

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I’m still using it around 3400, although I will probably have to bench it soon enough. Mine is level 17 and boosted some (3-2-3).

Do you see others using Miragaia at your trophy level often, or does it feel like you are the only one?

Never used it on my main, but it’s level 19 and boosted to tier 4/5 on my alt (which I use as a non-hybrid account) and I’m still sitting on 12k dna. Trophy count is around 3000 on the alt right now.

Still haven’t- probably never will. She’s there, and I’m on like 2600 trophies and haven’t lost a battle recently!

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I feel like a nice leftover from Badlands… I still see some but less and less often and certainly not 17s like my poor baby.